Katy Perry's rumored new boyfriend is planning to move to the United States to be with her.

Florence + the Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd is apparently leaving London, England to start a new life in Los Angeles, California.

The couple have been dating since they met at Coachella festival in April and have met up during the 'Part of Me' singer's business visits to the United Kingdom.

An insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Katy doesn't want to make the same mistakes she made with Russell.

''The long distance thing didn't work so if she's going to settle down again, it needs to be with someone who can be close at hand when she needs them. It will also take some compromising on her part.

The source added: ''But Rob is making the move overseas towards the end of the year. It seems really sudden but it's now or never for them.

''They've spent the majority of the past few months apart so in one way it will actually be a test of their relationship to be around each other so much.''