Katy Perry claims her Purr fragrance is "like the Goldilocks of perfume."

The 'California Gurls' hitmaker claims people can tell from their very first sniff that the "cute" scent is "just right" and matched perfectly to her wild, fun loving, loud and convivial nature.

She said: "It's like the Goldilocks of perfume. It s not too much, it's not too forgettable, it's just right. It's basically me in a bottle. I think a lot of people go up and they go, 'That's definitely Katy Perry. This is definitely Katy Perry's perfume.' "

Katy is topping charts with her debut perfume, Purr, as well as with her songs, as the scent has been number one every week since it was launched in Canada.

Speaking on TV show Entertainment Tonight Canada she added: "It's been out for nine weeks and it's been number one for nine weeks."

Katy also gave advice on the best way to apply the scent.

She said: "I usually spray and walk through. I never spray directly on

"I've heard that you're not supposed to spray directly on the skin. Then it's not so concentrated, because everybody knows sometimes when a woman walks into a room, she can smell like her grandmother."

The 'Firework' singer also spent a long time researching the scent's lavender cat-shaped bottle.

She added: "I would go into endless department stores all over the world and look at what was on the shelves.

"I remember some of the Galliano perfumes that were like snow globes. I was like, 'Well, when the perfume is finished I just want to keep this on my mantle, because it's such a fun little bottle."