Katy Perry never goes anywhere without her Pink blanket and baby wipes.

The 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' singer answered questions from her twitter followers earlier this morning (23.08.11) after being struck by a bout of insomnia, giving details about her eating habits and her favourite things.

She tweeted: "Oh boi! I have full insomnia! Shall we have a tweety chat? You ask Q's I'll give A's if you like? (sic)"

When asked by one fan what top three things she needs to have with her at all times, she replied: "baby wipes, pink blanket & crackberry," the last item referring to her BlackBerry smartphone.

Katy showed off her risque side to her followers, revealing she likes bananas "only cause they look like a *****".

And at one point she gave away a little too much information, by saying one of her favourite snacks is "Flaming Cheetos! Hot going in hot comin out, tmi? (sic)"

Asked about being cool and famous, the 26-year-old star confessed she sides with "the nerds," adding: "Fame is gross, creativity is beauty."

She also recommended "water, prayer & meditation" as a cure for anyone feeling ill and said she believes in Ghosts, "but Aliens more!"

Katy went on to tell fans her favourite subject at school was "any kind of history".

She eventually signed off late in the night, tweeting: "Okay it's 4am & I'm tweeting whilst eating flaming hot cheetos. I am losing my marbles. Thanks for the Q's. Hopefully it was fun for u!!! (sic)"