Katy Perry wanted comedian husband Russell Brand to file divorce papers, so as not to upset her strict religious parents, according to sources connected to the couple who spoke with TMZ.com. The A-list pair announced their separation on Friday (December 30, 2011) after months of speculation concerning the apparent doomed marriage.
Insiders say the couple knew their relationship was on the rocks months ago, but didn't want to give up before making a "concerted effort to work things out". After several weeks of trying, their efforts fell flat, with both sides feeling "it just wasn't there". The duo resigned themselves to divorce a few weeks ago, but Brand left for England while Perry headed to Hawaii. Since the singer's parents are evangelical Christians, sources say she didn't want to be the one to "officially" end the marriage and therefore waited for Russell to file the papers. The comedian, who has starred in numerous movies including Get Him to the Greek, released a statement on Friday (December 30, 2011) insisting the pair will "remain friends" despite the divorce.
Following their marriage in October 2010, the couple became one of the most high profile pairings in Hollywood. Perry enjoyed monumental success with her album Teenage Dream, while Brand continues to build his profile in the U.S. while remaining one of the UK's most popular entertainers.