Katy Perry seemingly attempted to prove to Russell Brand that she is already over their split, by drawing a silly smiley face at the bottom of her official divorce papers, according to the UK's Daily Mirror. The couple have reportedly reached a divorce settlement, finalizing their split amicably despite not signing a pre-up when they married in October 2010.
However, Perry filed the documents in Los Angeles on Tuesday (February 7, 2012) and was only-too-happy to sign off with a smiley face. The singer jetted off to Hawaii with friends instead of talking through the split with Brand over Christmas, and even un-followed the British comedian on Twitter - sending a very clear message out to her fans. According to Californian law, Russell was actually entitled to half of his wife's estimated $80 million fortune, but decided against taking a single penny. All eyes will be on the comedian in Los Angeles tonight (February 9, 2012) where he is set to perform a comedy gig. He is expected to make reference to the breakdown of his marriage, but fans shouldn't expect a barrage of abuse towards his ex-wife - he also already stated his continuing love for the singer, saying in a statement, "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends".
Katy Perry will next be seen in public at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 12, 2012), where she'll be battling the likes of Adele and Bon Iver for 'Record of the Year'.