Katy Perry's biggest fan is Jeremy Scott.

The 42-year-old fashion designer has hinted he is a huge supporter of the 'Roar' hitmaker at the moment , as he is playing her latest studio album titled 'Witness' ''every day''.

Speaking to ES magazine about his favourite track at the moment, he said: ''Katy Perry, 'Witness'. I'm playing it every day on my laptop.''

Although the creative mastermind - who is the creative director of Moschino and also runs his own eponymous label - currently resides in Hollywood, he would love nothing more than to buy and live in London's Buckingham Palace.

He explained: ''The Hollywood Hills, where I have been based since I moved from Paris in 2002.

''[I'd love to live in] Buckingham palace of course. I think I'd have to bring a few things in, but I would definitely want to keep a little bit of the Queen's taste.''

And the fashion guru's whacky ways are also a trait Katy shares, as she believes it is important for people to ''make fun'' of themselves, and if they don't it's ''no fun''.

The musician tweeted: ''If you can't make fun of yourself it's no fun love you too (sic).''