Singer Katy Perry has dropped a brand new song from her upcoming October album, Prism. The new song, 'Roar,' was officially released on 12th August but Billboard reports that fans were able to hear the leaked track from last Saturday.

Katy PerryKaty Perry Will No Doubt Score Another Huge Hit With 'Roar'

Perry took to Twitter to promote her new single and announce the official release time, tweeting "Looks like there's a tiger on the loose!!! Make sure you catch it." 

Anticipating her forthcoming work last year, the 28 year-old who was still wounded by her failed marriage with British comedian Russell Brand said "My music is about to get real f**king dark," according to The Sun. You wouldn't go as far as to describe 'Roar' as dark, with its poppy beat and catchy melody, but the lyrics certainly hint at a more resolute Perry who has perhaps been stung by her emotions being toyed with and the constant interest in her love life by the media. 

Lines such as "You held me down but I got up/Get ready 'cause I've had enough" indicate that she is singing about someone in particular whilst the lines "I am a champion/You're gonna hear me roar" show a Katy who has emerged from a divorce and counselling ready to show her songwriting claws. 

Apparently her collaborator, Bonnie McKee has heralded the new and refreshing direction of Perry's new album: "It's different. It doesn't sound like the 'California Gurls' of yesterday. It has that same kind of energy, but it has a little twist of darkness and perseverance behind it." 

Describing the motivation behind 'Roar' in particular, Perry said to Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, "I wrote it because I was sick of keeping all these feelings inside and not speaking up for myself, which caused a lot of resentment. Obviously I've been through a lot of therapy since my last record and that's what this is about." 

Katy PerryKaty Perry At The Smurfs 2 Premiere

Indeed, it appears that Perry is trying to mark a departure from her former self who would wear as many wigs and crazy accessories at once by posting 'Roar' teaser video showing the singer setting her trademark blue wig alight.

Speaking to Scott Miles, she said "I have a warehouse here in LA and I'll probably do an Elton John-type auction. But I am still going to be bringing the bling. You'll see a bit more of a grown-up version of me, which does not equal boring." 

Watch Katy Burn Her Blue Wig In 'Roar' Teaser Vid:

We're not convinced that 'Roar' is a million miles away from Perry's bubble-gum pop of . It sounds like she may still have issues with long-gone lovers but the hefty paycheck she'll receive from her catchy new single will probably help.