As she continues to ready us all for her long-awaited third album, Prism, Katy Perry has put together another video that seems to indicate that the singer is moving away from her bubblegum pop style of old, and will be branching out to a darker, more sophisticated sound. In her second clip, titled 'The Third Coming,' Katy attends the burial of her old candy-covered image, a day after releasing a video of her setting fire to a blue wig. Does this mean the end of her cleavage is coming? We dearly hope not.

Katy Perry
Perry promises her album will be more 'mature'

The videos and the golden trucks are the only indicators we've had to tell us about her new album, which is set for a October 22 release, but the singer has made numerous efforts to indicate that she won't just be making another Teenage Dream. She has said in recent interviews that her sound on the album is more mature than her past releases, but then again Perry's ideas of what 'mature' music sounds like may differ dramatically to what others think. One thing we do know for certain; John Mayer won't be appearing on the album.

Check out the 'Roar' clip video; 'The Third Coming'

We're not going to rush into conclusions or anything, but we're going to guess that these videos are as much a farewell to her actual image and not her sound or how she wants to be seen as an artist. When October 22 comes around, expect more poppy noise and not our generation's Nevermind. Her first single from the new album, 'Roar,' will be officially released on August 12.

Watch the first 'Roar' clip from Perry