Katy Perry once ripped off a girl's weave in a fight.

The 'Roar' singer's new single may reference the world's most famous fictional boxer, Rocky Balboa, but she insists she isn't much of a fighter and has only ever been involved in one catfight.

Speaking on French chat show 'Le Grand Journal', Katy said: ''Oh no, I'm a lover not a fighter. You know, there's only been one fight a long time ago. It was a girl fight and I was caught between a bunch of girls and I just stuck my hand in and grabbed some hair. I pulled a weave off!''

The 28-year-old superstar was quizzed about her similarities to late pop legend Michael Jackson, since she matched his chart record of having five singles from the same album reach Number One in the US in 2011.

Katy revealed she is also an animal fan, but would never have a monkey as a pet like Michael's infamous chimp Bubbles, or Justin Bieber's furry friend Mally.

She quipped: ''I did actually work with a monkey for the 'Roar' video, but I didn't get to take him home because monkeys are not pets I've learned - but I guess Justin Bieber does not know that!''

The pop princess boasts well over 45 million followers on Twitter and prides herself on interacting with her loyal fans as much as possible.

She said: ''That's a lot of people. Can you imagine if I make a spelling mistake? I'm actually really close to my fans. One of my fans gave me this necklace that I'm wearing today.''