Singer Katy Perry has unwittingly sparked environmental fears within Australia after her latest album gimmick, a packet of seeds, is feared to pose a biohazardous risk to the country's ecology.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry Has Unwittingly Posed A Bio-Security Threat To Australia.

Katy Perry's record, Prism, is number one in the Australian album chart and across the world which means that demand for her CD is high right now. Though most Australians are purchasing the "safe" AUS version of the CD with harmless daisy seeds, some are choosing to import their album from abroad which means alien seed varieties could be entering Australia with the potential to wreak havoc.

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Though the concerns may sound like they'd be better placed in the synopsis to an apocalyptic sci-fi movie, the fears for the Australian environment are very real. "Seeds or plant material of international origin may be a weed not present in Australia or the host of a plant pathogen of bio-security concern," said a department spokesperson, via BBC News.

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Seed Packets Given Away With 'Prism' Could Harm Australia's Natural Environment.

This means that all imports of Prism will need to be searched upon its arrival in Australian lands. The spokesperson added: "Our bio-security officers at international airports, seaports and mail centres assess the risks associated with various items every day and are well-trained in making informed decisions about whether items could be of bio-security concern."

"The Australian government has a strong system in place to detect and respond to material of bio-security concern. This includes the inspection of mail, cargo and baggage."

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Some Fans Will Never Receive Their 'Prism' Import If It Is Deemed Hazardous.

Part of the problem could be that US imports of Prism, including postage, are cheaper than purchasing the hard copy of the album in Australia which has meant that many fans have opted to buy internationally.

Perry included packets of seeds with her Prism to encourage her fans to plant them and support nature but it seems that her plan has backfired and Australia's strict laws mean that copies of her album will be confiscated rather than celebrated.