The release of Katy Perry's brand new album, Prism, is finally here after the singer has enticed her fans for months with snazzy new singles, including the chart-dominating 'Roar' and the Juicy J-featuring 'Dark Horse.' Cast aside the memories of 'I Kissed A Girl' though: Prism is "Katy Perry's most spiritual album to date" according to Billboard.

Katy Perry
Katy Has Enjoyed Singles Chart Dominance With 'Roar.'

Perry made her name with catchy, superfluous sugar pop ditties that often featured outrageous costumes in the music videos. However, the singer is the first to admit that Prism takes a darker turn. The album is said to have been inspired by the pop star's divorce from British comedian Russell Brand and the drive for self-empowerment Perry felt as a result.

Prism receives full marks from The Telegraph who praise the "vulnerability" of the album. "Through a mix of electropop bangers and power ballads, Perry takes us through the marriage," writes Helen Brown. "[Brand] may have joked about their sex life in his stand-up shows, but she has the last laugh as she says that when he chose to become a "vapour" he gave her the power to see right through him," she says, adding "She sounds like a woman, and an artist, who's finally found herself."

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Katy Perry Performed At The iTunes Festival.

The Guardian's Alex Petridis takes issue with the claims of 'more spiritual' and 'darker,' writing "Nothing on Prism is exactly sonically adventurous - the big idea seems to be mimicking early-90s pop-house" and "[Prism] being the most spiritual Katy Perry album to date is a bit like being the Dimmu Borgir album most suited to use in a Zumba fitness class."

Sure, Prism isn't full of doomy ballads or melancholic lamentations, but Perry's vulnerability and honesty finds another way to shine through in her playful tunes with their incisive and creative lyrics. The funk-influenced 'Birthday' teases with some well-placed innuendos ("It's time to bring out the balloons") whilst Juicy J's rap on 'Dark Horse' is practically silly as he warns away courting sailors from Perry, lest she eat their hearts.

Katy Perry Killer Queen
Katy Perry Released Her Perfume, Killer Queen, This Year.

What was a girly, smiley, be-wigged pop songstress has turned into a full-blown brand now that she has launched her own fragrance, honed her image and sound to dominate the charts and become the face of cosmetics brand, CoverGirl. Brand may have used their relationship as joke fodder but as she gradually builds her pop empire even stronger, no doubt she'll be the one with the last laugh...or roar.