Katy Perry's closed out this year's MTV Video Music Awards with an ingenious performance under New York's iconic Brooklyn Bridge, though fans can probably be forgiven for missing it, on account of being too busy tweeting about Miley Cyrus' ridiculous...thing.

Perry was actually planning on performing ON the famous bridge, but couldn't get permission. "She was supposed to perform on top of the Brooklyn Bridge but the city wouldn't give her the permit," a source told Us Weekly.

Still, the whole thing was prey cool, with Perry giving the first live performance of her smash hit comeback song 'Roar,' the debut single from her forthcoming studio album Prism.

The song moved 557,000 digital downloads in its first week of release - the sixth largest sales ever for a digital and comfortably the best of Katy's career. So popular was 'Roar' that it outpaced Lady Gaga's track 'Applause' by over 300,000 copies.

Justin Timberlake, One Direction and Macklemore were the big winners at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, with the former winning the equivalent of the lifetime achievement award; the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. Lady Gaga had opened the show with a typically strange performance, though it was Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's routine that caused the internet to explode. She twerked, she stuck out her tongue, she paraded around in next to nothing - and everyone felt very, very uncomfortable.

Katy Perry's new album Prism is set for release on October 22, 2013.

Katy PerryRoar! Katy Perry At The MTV Video Music Awards

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Katy Perry Stunned At The MTV Video Music Awards