Forget “Orange.” Having your own record label is the new black, at least if you’re already an established artist. First it was Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, whose label 222 Records recently signed a partnership deal with Interscope Records the other week, and a few days ago it was announced that Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz would be relaunching his Decaydance Records under a new name. Somebody else is joining the club now, and it’s pop superstar Katy Perry. Perry’s new label distributed by Capitol Records, called Metamorphosis Music, already has its first signee as well, as it was announced on June 17 that she had signed pop singer Ferras.

Katy Perry Red CarpetKaty Perry launches Metamorphosis Music and signs her first artist, Ferras

“I am so ECSTATIC to finally announce my NEW label Metamorphosis Music & my first signing, the incredibly talented & soulful FERRAS!,” Perry tweeted about the signing. Ferras also released his new single this week, which of course features Katy Perry herself, called ‘Legends Never Die.’ It’s off his new EP which also was released this past Tuesday, too. Who is Ferras anyway? Though he may be unknown, he released a record back in 2008 that was produced by popular production duo The Matrix. Additionally, you may have heard his stuff before: he co-wrote the track ‘Aftermath’ for Adam Lambert, and one of his songs was even the exit song on the seventh season of 'American Idol.'

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But does being on Perry’s label mean that he’s more likely for success? Ferras’ new self-titled EP is five tracks of atmospheric, dreamy pop, and with summer bangers coming out left and right recently, it’s a nice break in the action to hear something of this caliber. With that said: the music is amazing, and he probably would be in pretty good shape whether he’s under Katy Perry’s wing or not. But having her featured on one of his tracks doesn’t hurt either, especially since the track itself sounds awesome. Whatever the future has in store for Ferras, there’s one thing that’s already guaranteed: a tour with Katy as support. In Adam Levine’s case, the artist Rozzi Crane, who’s signed to his 222 Records, supported Maroon 5 on their tour with Kelly Clarkson last year. It only makes sense that Katy is taking Ferras on board to show off her new signing.

Katy Perry ConcertKaty Perry will be taking her new signee on tour

So, now that Ferras is in the books, what’s next for Metamorphosis Music? Well, forgive me for being stuck in 2002, but the fact that Hilary Duff has an album called Metamorphosis just makes me think of her whenever I hear the label name, so obviously she’s a perfect fit. Duff IS releasing an album eventually, so what better place than on Katy’s label? Somebody else that could fit the bill is indie-pop singer Betty Who, a girl that’s been tearing it up with her track ‘You’re In Love’ and recent EP, Slow Dancing.

The last is popular singer/songwriter Matthew Koma, who’s best known for his writing credit on Zedd’s smash hit, ‘Clarity.’ Koma’s got some hits too: last year, he released ‘One Night,’ one of the catchiest songs you’ll ever hear. It’s off his upcoming album Arcadia, and while that doesn’t have a release date yet, it’d work nice on Metamorphosis Music. Phew. Talking about labels is kind of exhausting, but it’s certainly fun. I bet Katy feels the same way. Metamorphosis Music is just getting started, but it seems like it can only go up from here.

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