On Wednesday night, Katy Perry made a surprise appearance at a Los Angeles screening of her new Dvd, People magazine reports. Though, possibly, it would have been considered more of a surprise had she decided to make a public appearance at a screening of someone else's new Dvd. The 'Teenage Dream' singer turned up at The Grove in Los Angeles, dressed in a red floral dress, ready to greet her fans.
When she arrived at the venue, she addressed the gathered crowd, telling them "You guys are all so cute, even all the way to the back." A source told People magazine that "little girls rushed the screen as Katy walked around slapping hands and greeting fans. She managed to sign some autographs and pose for a few pictures before trying to disperse the massive crowd that had gathered around her." Perry, apparently, was 'all smiles' for her eager onlookers and "seemed genuinely excited for her young fans to see the film." Her appearance delayed the start of the film, but she eventually sat down amongst her fans whilst the movie got under way.
MTV recently hosted a clip of the Dvd footage, showing her parents explaining that - despite popular opinion - her 'bad girl' image has not ruined their family relations. "I was a little concerned, yeah" said her dad. "Because I thought my ministry after 30-something years is over. But, you know what? Never had a problem."