Katy Perry has teased fans about her upcoming half-time Super Bowl performance by "leaking" a parody track by comedian Tim Heidecker.

The Roar hitmaker and special guest Lenny Kravitz will headline the coveted show during Sunday's (01Feb15) football clash between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, and while she's keen to stay tight-lipped about her performance, Perry jokingly gave her Twitter followers a preview of what to expect during the show.

Perry wrote "SuPeR BoWl LeAk", and shared a song called "Katy Perry Leaked Superbowl Song 2015", by funnyman Heidecker, of popular duo Tim & Eric.

On the track, a Perry sound-alike sings, "I’m Katy Perry/And I'm hairy and scary/But I like to have so much fun/I like to run/I like to watch the football game/It makes me totally insane/Don't have to dribble, you pass the ball/You run the ball, you go to the end zone/To score the points!"

Kravitz even makes a brief voiceover cameo in the song, stating, "Hi, I'm Lenny Kravitz, brought to you by (cell phone service provider) T-Mobile".

The American Woman hitmaker gave his own hint about the performance before the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday (25Jan15), telling E! News that he's been texting with Perry about their gig, adding that fans "might not expect" their song choice.