Pop star Katy Perry thrilled one lucky male fan at her gig in Singapore on Sunday (23Sep12) by passionately kissing him on the lips.

The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker was performing at the Singapore Grand Prix concert when she asked a shirtless, dreadlocked audience member onto the stage.

She exclaimed, "Why hello sir, what's your name?", to which the man replied, "Nevin".

Perry queried, "Levin? Nevin? Levin, Nevin who cares. Well, don't worry you're not gonna remember this in a second."

The singer discovered Nevin was from her home state of California and declared, "Alright Nevin Levin, I might see you again", before adding: "You said you were 28, right?"

She then distracted the fan by asking him to look into the distance, before grabbing him for a steamy kiss.

She joked, "Who's next?" and told Nevin, who was bowing down to her, "Why are you still up here? You trying to give me something back? Come on."

The man then kissed a smiling Perry on the cheek.