Katy Perry is obsessed with aliens.

The 'E.T' singer - whose divorce from Russell Brand will be finalised in July - has developed an interest in other-worldly beings and wants to look beyond the Christian teachings imposed upon her by her pastor parents Keith and Mary Hudson during her childhood.

She said: ''I'm fascinated by that kind of stuff because of how I grew up, where everything was so black and white.

''Now I'm seeing a lot more colour in the world and asking more questions. So I'm very into things that are Above And Beyond me and were before me and will be after me.''

Katy's interest was sparked by the US show 'Ancient Aliens' - which examines the possibility that the Earth was visited by extraterrestrial beings thousands of years ago - and she loves the programme so much, she tries to make everyone she knows watch it.

She admitted to The Sun newspaper: ''I've ordered 50 of those DVDs.

''I sent out a Christmas gift basket to people filled with my favourite things and the first season of 'Ancient Aliens' was one of the things I included.

''It's so good. I made everyone on my tour watch it. I'm just obsessed.''

The 27-year-old beauty is confident aliens will one day visit Earth - but she hopes they won't want to conduct experiments on her because she previously wrote a song about them.

She said: ''I do hope that when The Aliens come, they'll recognise me. I'll be like, 'Please don't kill me, I wrote a song called E.T.'.''

While Katy credits watching a DVD for her interest in aliens, she has previously admitted she shared the fascination with Russell and the couple were looking forward to taking a trip on the first-ever commercial space flight, Virgin Galactic, when it eventually launches.

She previously said: ''I'm so into extraterrestrial stuff. It's very difficult for me to look up into the sky in the middle of the night and not think that our planet is one of ... a bajillion. It's really, really small.

''And Russell and I are interested in anything extraterrestrial. I mean, we're going to space! We're really excited.''