Katy Perry ignores online criticism online and insists the web isn't somewhere you go to ''boost your confidence''.

The 'Unconditionally' hitmaker doesn't take what is written about her too seriously because she wants to protect her own feelings and avoids searching for her name on the internet.

In an interview on UK station BBC Radio 2, she said: ''[I take criticism with a] pinch of salt. Absolutely. I would be a full exposed body wound if not. I mean it would be bad. I mean it's not nice but the internet is not a place where you go to boost your confidence.''

Katy's main criticism of the internet is that there is no editor and the anonymity often brings out the worst in people.

She explained: ''It's almost like the wild west on the internet. There is no editor, or the God. There is no accountability. That word you actually cannot even look up on the internet.''

Katy - who is dating musician John Mayer - also revealed she likes to mix up her style in her music videos because she doesn't like taking herself ''too seriously''.

She added: ''I like to be both, looking pretty and self-deprecating because that's important. I think something important for me to do, is to not take myself too seriously.''