Pop star Katy Perry confronted an Australian politician over his opposition to gay marriage during a heated radio interview Down Under.

The Firework hitmaker was a guest on Sydney's 2DayFm radio station this week (beg12Aug13), speaking on the phone from America, and the presenters gave a number of high-profile locals the chance to ask her a question.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott, who will go up against Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in the country's upcoming election, revealed his two daughters are big fans of the star, so he asked the singer, "When are you coming back (to Australia)?"

Perry then retorted, "Oh come on, that's not a political question. Let's talk about gay marriage."

The show's host, Jackie O, then stepped in to inform Perry that Abbott is opposed to green-lighting same-sex unions Down Under. The pop star was far from impressed and urged listeners to speak out against the politician's stance, saying, "I like you as a human being but I can't give you my vote. I just don't believe in your policies so that's what a lot of people should be doing (speaking out against your stance on gay marriage)."

Jackie O later added, "I'm sure he's still a fan, Katy, even though you gave it to him," and suggested the singer should meet up with the politician on her next trip Down Under, while Perry joked, "If he let's me in to the country."

Speaking after the interview, Abbott insisted he "respectfully disagrees" with Perry on the issue.