Katy Perry has taken a unique approach to promoting her upcoming third album, by unveiling the album details on the side of a golden semi-truck that is currently making it's way across the country. As elaborate and interesting as it may seem, Katy's PR team forgot one thing when they took the idea to the road, and that is that not everyone can be trusted behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Katy Perry The Smurfs
Katy recently lent her voice to the animation The Smurfs 2

As reported by TMZ, who also have images from the aftermath of the collision on their site, the Prism truck was travelling through Pennsylvania, on it's way to a truck stop that was only 15 minutes from the collision scene. According to the report, an intoxicated driver of a semi-truck hit the front of one of the golden trucks in a Wal-Mart parking lot, resulting in some rather blatant damage sustained to the front of the cab. Katy doesn't travel around on these things, so she wasn't hurt, and the driver of the golden truck is said to have only suffered minor injuries.

Katy Perry Kids Choice
Katy promised that the damaged truck will be back on the road soon

The driver of the offending semi is in police custody and will be charged on a DUI. At first, the driver of the semi is said, by police, to have initially fled the scene following the crash, but returned minutes later upon realising that he'd probably get caught and be in even more trouble for fleeing the scene. No word has been mentioned on whether he will face further charges for attempting to flee the scene.

Katy discussed the crash herself on Twitter, telling her followers about the crash on Friday (9 August), but promising that the truck will be repaired and back on the road as soon as possible. Prism will be released 22 October.

Katy Perry
Prism comes out this October