Katy Perry feels more confident about her body since she fell in love with husband Russell Brand.

The 'Firework' singer - who tied the knot with the British funnyman in India last month - claims the love and support of her spouse made her feel more comfortable posing topless for a recent magazine spread.

She said: "I'm confident in my skin lately. I take care of myself and I also think that when you're in a supportive relationship you don't care any more about outside. Things that maybe would have irked you before don't matter because you found someone who loves you no matter what.

"So I guess it's a mixture of 'Hey, I'm 26 and I know these are my prime years and I feel confident,' and being loved-up."

While Russell makes Katy feel confident, she admits not all of her previous relationships have left her feeling good about herself.

She added to Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "You should be able to be in a relationship with someone who loves you for you, not someone who wants you to change. And it can happen to anyone, no matter how strong you are.

"That's the power of love and sometimes love can be negative."