Katy Perry has managed to rid herself of acne.

The 'Teenage Dream' hitmaker has found using Proactiv Solution has helped her overcome her bad skin problems and given her "massive changes" in her face and her confidence.

She said: "After trying every procedure, facial treatment and product I could find, I finally decided to try Proactiv. I mean, I had nothing to lose except my acne, and I was definitely okay with losing that.

"Since then, I've seen massive changes in my face and my confidence. All of my big, kind of stick-out bumps went flat, my blemishes progressively got smaller and smaller, and even some of my scarring started going away."

The confidence she has gained from having good skin now means Katy - who is married to British actor Russell Brand - now feels she can live to her "fullest".

She said: "I'm a person who gives hugs, not handshakes. I like contact with people. Proactiv is now my simple, easy way to make sure that acne doesn't get in the way of me having fun and living life to the fullest."