Katy Perry and Russell Brand have hired a cat whisperer.

The couple - who have three furry friends, Krusty, Kitty Purry and Morrissey - brought in a feline expert in the hope of controlling the unruly trio after they started to misbehave while the 'Teenage Dream' hitmaker was on tour.

She told USMagazine.com: "He realigned their chakras and did some hypnosis. We were like, 'Wow, this is extravagant!'"

However, this isn't the first time the pair have splashed out on their cats, as Russell recently admitted he buys presents for the moggys at Christmas.

He said: "I like doing normal things for Christmas - watch the TV , sit down, relax, look out the window, play with the cats, give presents to the cats, expecting that they'll somehow understand he concept of nativity, that sort of thing."

Meanwhile, Katy expressed an "obsession" with felines.

She recently explained: "I am obsessed with cats. I'm kind of trying to make that cat-lady personality cool. I want it to be chic! Cats are like, 'You have to earn my affection.' And I really associate myself with that.

"People have to earn my affection, but when I give it, it's going to be good. I'm very independent like a cat too, and I do things in my own time. My cats have a feminine way, it's sexy."