Katy Perry has been accused of copying Lady GaGa in her new music video.

The 25-year-old singer appears in her latest hit 'ET' as an extraterrestrial, drawing comparisons to Gaga's 'Born This Way' video on twitter.

In her latest offering, the 'Firework' singer is depicted floating in space and is wearing heavy makeup to make her skin look blue and her features alien-like.

Fans of the 'Poker Face' star have taken to the micro-blogging website to complain that Katy's new look is too similar to Gaga's own recent sci-fi style, which includes prosthetics to make her face look robotic.

JessShuu wrote: "Katy Perry's music video for ET is too Lady Gaga for my taste. Only Lady Gaga can pull off Lady Gaga."

Meanwhile, LilohNOStitch said: "Katy perry is turning into lady gaga . i HATE the ET video. [sic]'

Even one of Katy's fans danielisbored agreed, posting: "I love Katy Perry more than Gaga but her ET video is very Gaga-ish. Unlike."