Since she broke onto the scene in 2007, Katy Perry has become pop's most fun fashionista. Always injecting a bit of quirky humour into her outfit choices, we can only admire Perry's bold red carpet choice. Even though there's far too many to choose from, we've done our best to bring you her ten best and most memorable looks (just so we can stop talking about her split from John Mayer).

Katy Perry in 2008Katy Perry performing in 2008

1. Our first memory of Katy Perry is as a retro styled singer who enjoyed kissing girls and flower hairclips. Straight from the beginning she showed off her more eccentric side, particularly in this mouthwatering watermelon costume/playsuit that she wore for a 2008 outdoor performance.

2. Showing that she's always well ahead of trends, Katy kept it vintage with this 1920s inspired look from 2009. This was way before the 'Great Gatsby' hit the screen and everybody started channeling Daisy Buchannan on the red carpet.

Katy Perry at 2009 Grammy Pre partyKaty, channeling the 1920s in 2009

3. This next one proves that fashion really can be as fun as you want. Katy took the oppourtunity when attending the 'Smurf's' premiere to bring out this glittery Smurfette dress. Every girl has one of these in her closet, surely, but we wonder how long Katy had been saving hers for.

Katy Perry at the Smurfs premiereKaty in her Smurfette dress, we all have one

4. Katy loves to experiment with her hair colour and in 2011 she sported this candy pink coloured style. Add to it a black glittery dress of discs with her name on it and she was sure to steal the show at the MTV VMA awards.

Katy Perry 2011 MTV AwardsKaty Perry at the 2011 MTV Awards

5. Looking like Jackie O with a hint of punk, Katy went for a more demure look than usual and proved that you can never have too much pink. She wore this suit and coat combo to a theatre outing and of course topped off the ensemble with her pink hair done in a bouffant style.

Katy Perry in 2011Very pink, Katy Perry in 2011

6. Katy outgrew her pink hair in early 2012 and instead went for an electric blue hair colour. Proving that she could really make any hair colour work, she showed it off in this beautiful, sequined, art deco style gown at the annual Elton John Oscar party.

Katy Perry in 2012Katy goes electric (blue)

7. Katy wore this wonderful ballerina inspired gold dress to the UK premiere of her 2012 film 'Katy Perry: Part of Me'. Not even the the bad weather could spoil Katy's pretty outfit as she sheltered from the rain under hert union jack umbrella.

Katy Perry Piece of Me premiereKaty Perry at the 'Piece of Me' premiere

8. The 'Roar' singer unleashed her inner animal at the 2013 VMA awards in a sexy leopard print gown that teamed a high neck with an even higher leg split. Blending both her fun and her sexy side, Katy was the talk of the red carpet in the fiesty gown. 

Katy perry VMA awards 2013Katy lets out a 'Roar' at the 2013 VMA awards

9. OK, this one might not be as attention grabbing as the others but Katy looked positively pretty in this black floaty dress she wore to the American Music Awards. Making the unlikely combo of polka dots and flowers look natural Katy still turned heads on the red carpet with her flirty, girly style. 

Katy perry AMA awards 2013Katy at the AMA awards in 2013

10. If you can find the theme in an event, Katy will find on outfit to match it, as she often shows. Her 2014 Grammy's dressed perfectly positioned her as the princess of pop, with its bubblegum pink colour and musical note motif. You could never call Katy subtle but you've got to admire how she always pulls off something unique when on the red carpet.

Katy Perry at 2014 Grammy AwardsPrincess of pop, Katy Perry at the Grammys