Katy Perry refused to bow to pressure from record label chiefs to change the risque lyrics of an upcoming album track - because her instinct has always proved right.
The singer releases Teenage Dream later this month (Aug10), and one song - Peacock - caused worry among bosses at her label, Capitol Records, over its smutty words.
But Perry was adamant she wouldn't alter the offending lyric - because the success of her hit track I Kissed A Girl in 2008 proved she should stand her ground against music executives.
She tells Britain's Glamour magazine, "They were all a bit worried about the word 'c**k' (in Peacock) and it gave me deja vu because I did the exact same thing with I Kissed A Girl.
"They said, 'We don't see it as a single; we don't want it on the album.' And I was like, 'You guys are idiots.'"