Never mind a gift 'bag', you'd hope that the 2012 Billboard Music Awards were giving out backpacks to fit in the amount of swash they were dishing out to their guests, including Katy Perry and Alicia Keys, at the annual event last weekend (May 20th 2012.) Truly, even if they had not won an award, no celebrity was going home empty, with the gift bag contents revealed by The Huffington Post.
Starting from footwear up then, and Australian company EMU had provided sheepskin and suede boots, with Holster giving gift certificates for two complimentary pairs of their jelly shoes. Not a bad start. Clothes meanwhile featured t-shirts from Evol Clothing, mini shorts and skinny jeans from M2F whilst Eve's Apple donated a load of gift vouchers - have none of these companies seen how rich these folks are? They can afford their own clothes you know!
Hair and skincare products included a brand like Jergens, Biore, KAO and John Frieda chipping in. Brilliance New York offered yet more gift certificates, whilst 'Mangroomers' were given to all the male guests for all those awkward shaving spots. It goes on, with wooden inlay backs designed for iPhone users, Balanced Armature headphones and certificates for hi-fi speakers among the electronic goods on offer - and should any of the stars fancy a trip out of the house? Well they had an array of holiday vouchers to pick from that could take them everywhere from the British Virgin Islands to Qatar. Pampered.