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The Things They Say 19579

"It would've been really nice to learn Spanish growing up. Hopefully one day I'll pick up other languages. I already pick up 'hello' every where I go." KATY PERRY would love to be bilingual.

22nd December 2010

Katy Perry's Leopard Print Love

Katy Perry's favourite ever present was a leopard-print coat. The 'Firework' singer - who is well known for her love of outrageous clothes - confesses a coat she was given while still at school is...

22nd December 2010

Katy Perry Reveals Bedroom 'Magic'

Katy Perry does "magic tricks" in the bedroom.The 'Firework' hitmaker married renowned womaniser Russell Brand in October and says she always makes an effort for her spouse.She said: "I have secrets and magic tricks, of...

22nd December 2010

Perry Describes First Brand Date

KATY PERRY has opened up about her first date with husband RUSSELL BRAND, revealing he wooed her with diamonds and a copy of his autobiography.The pop star married the comic in India in October (10)...

21st December 2010

Katy Perry Planning Her Own Traditions

Katy Perry is looking forward to creating her own Christmas traditions.The 'Firework' hitmaker already has some festive rituals she is planning to share with husband Russell Brand - who she married in October - but...

21st December 2010

Russell Brand's Diamond Date

Russell Brand gave Katy Perry diamonds on their first date.The British funnyman - who married the singer in October after a year-long romance - was instantly smitten with the brunette beauty and nicknamed her his...

21st December 2010

Russell Brand Buying Presents For Cats

Russell Brand will be buying Christmas presents for his cats.The comic actor and his wife Katy Perry own three pussies Kitty Purry, Morrissey - who gets his moniker from the former Smiths frontman - and...

20th December 2010

Lady Gaga Overjoyed At Us Army Gay Policy News

Lady Gaga "can't hold back the tears" due to the repealing of the US army policy of 'Don't Ask,Don't Tell'. The 'Alejandro' hitmaker took to twitter to voice her pride at the news, which means...

19th December 2010

Arcade Fire Grateful For Album-loving Fans

Arcade Fire are grateful to have not had "one pop radio hit".The 'Suburban War' group enjoy the fact their fans relate to their music as a whole rather than attending their concerts just to hear one...

18th December 2010

Lady Gaga's Iconic Meat Dress

Lady Gaga's meat dress has been voted the most iconic outfit of 2010.The 'Poker Face' singer - who's known for her eccentric fashion sense - appeared on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing...

17th December 2010

Perry's Firework Explodes Atop U.s. Pop Chart

KATY PERRY is continuing to light up the U.S. pop chart - her single FIREWORK is at number one for a second consecutive week.The singer keeps her pal Rihanna from climbing back to the top...

17th December 2010

The Things They Tweet 1314

"You were AMAZING! You inspire my marriage!!! Great show!!!" KATY PERRY thanks burlesque beauty DITA VON TEESE for helping to keep her relationship with husband RUSSELL BRAND raunchy.

16th December 2010

Kesha Most Scrobbled Artist Of 2010

KESHA MOST SCROBBLED ARTIST OF 2010In the year that KESHA launched her music career, she became the most scrobbled artist on in 2010 with over 15 million plays. The singer broke onto the music...

15th December 2010

Katy Perry Wants Todd Thomas For Tour Costumes

Katy Perry wants Todd Thomas to design her tour costumes.The 'Firework' singer - who is known for her outrageous on-stage outfits - is a big admirer of the designer's work and after wearing some of...

15th December 2010

Perry Appeals For Song Advice From Twitter Fans

KATY PERRY has appealed to her fans to choose her next single, after the last three releases from TEENAGE DREAM topped the charts.The singer's latest offering, Firework, shot to the number one position on...

13th December 2010

The Things They Tweet 1308

"Wait Miley got high? Where have I been?! Buried under the tinsel obv (obviously). Miley Cyrus meet my friend Snoop Dogg... He'll hook ya up!" KATY PERRY jokes about MILEY CYRUS' bong-smoking scandal.

11th December 2010

Russell Brand Starring In Rentaghost Movie

Russell Brand is to star in a 'Rentaghost' film.The 'Get Him to The Greek ' actor will co-produce and play the main part in a remake of the British 70s TV show about a dead...

10th December 2010

Russell Brand Bedded Nine Girls In A Night

Russell Brand has revealed he once had sex with nine women in one night.The comedian admits at the height of his womanising he would often bed multiple girls in the same day and achieved the...

10th December 2010

Katy Perry: 'I Married My Celebrity Crush'

Katy Perry feels like she married her celebrity crush.The 'Firework' hitmaker - who wed British comedian Russell Brand in India in October 2010 - is now "over" her crush on 16-year-old pop star Justin Bieber...

10th December 2010

The Things They Say 19444

"I think I'm over it now. It's probably safe to say I married my celebrity crush. Don't barf on this magazine." KATY PERRY tells America's Maxim magazine she got over her celebrity crush on pop...

9th December 2010

Russell Brand Wants To Be Loyal Husband

Russell Brand wants to be loyal and honest with his wife Katy Perry.The British star - who married the pop star in India in October - insists he has put his old lifestyle completely behind...

9th December 2010

Perry Lights Up U.s. Number One Spot With Firework

KATY PERRY has exploded into the number one spot on the U.S. charts with FIREWORK - the singer's third chart-topping single from her latest album TEENAGE DREAM.The singer rocketed up one spot to knock last...

9th December 2010

The Things They Say 19433

"She needs to step off my man!" Pop star KATY PERRY jokingly warns THE QUEEN actress HELEN MIRREN against acting on her crush on her comedian husband RUSSELL BRAND.

9th December 2010

The Things They Say 19429

"He's just the best bad boy in the world, I'm very jealous of Katy, I must say." Veteran actress HELEN MIRREN is fond of KATY PERRY's husband RUSSELL BRAND, her co-star in upcoming comedy ARTHUR.

9th December 2010

The Things They Say 19423

"I asked my agent not to tell me, because it was so not something we were going to sell. (But) if someone said, 'We'll give you a hundred million pounds,' I might consider compromising the...

8th December 2010

The Things They Say 19415

"I kind of don't mind that someone else takes some of the responsibility because it's a lot of work. (He's) a handful. But handfuls are also a lot of fun. There's never a dull moment."...

8th December 2010

Katy Perry Wants To Take Brand's Name

Newly-wed singer KATY PERRY is considering changing her last name to seal her union with husband RUSSELL BRAND.The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker, who was born Katheryn Hudson, wed the funnyman in a lavish ceremony...

8th December 2010

Darren Criss Sings Teenage Dream With Katy Perry

'Glee' actor Darren Criss has joined Katy Perry for a 'Teenage Dream' duet.The star of the hit Fox TV show joined forces with the brunette beauty at the Trevor LIVE annual fundraising event at the...

8th December 2010

Katy Perry Wants To Take Russell's Surname

Katy Perry is planning to adopt her married surname of Brand.The 'California Gurls' singer wed British comedian Russell Brand in October and is now thinking of taking on his second name because she loves it...

8th December 2010

Russell Brand Told To Learn To Drive By Katy

Katy Perry is making Russell Brand take driving lessons.The 'Firework' hitmaker is reportedly furious that she has to chauffer the couple everywhere when they go out in Los Angeles and is begging her husband to...

8th December 2010


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