Katie Price is planning to buy a Pink helicopter.

The British star is taking flying lessons and hopes to have a helipad installed at her home so she can fly off at a moment's notice.

Katie told The Sun newspaper: "I'm planning to get my own helicopter, a pink one, a proper Pricey one, just as soon as I pass my flying test. I'm going to have a helipad at my new house. People might think it's extravagant, but I'd like to see people following me in the air.

"If people are bothering me, I'll just zoom over their heads."

Katie has long been a fan of choppers and she arrived with her new boyfriend, Argentinean model Leandro Penna, by helicopter last week when they attended the horse racing at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, South West England.

The 32-year-old star also admitted she has to communicate with Leandro - who she met at Sir Elton John's Oscars party on February 28, shortly after announcing her split from cage fighter Alex Reid - by "winking", as she doesn't speak his native language.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I don't speak Spanish, and he doesn't speak much English, but we communicate in other ways. Even simple things like winking."

Katie - who has three children, Harvey, eight, Junior, five, and three-year-old Princess Tiaamii, from previous relationships - also boasted she has great career prospects in the US, and is planning to be spending much more time Stateside in the coming months.

However, she is against a permanent move to the country.

She said: "I know people say you have to move to the States to break the States but I don't need to do that. It's already happening for me. So I don't need to move there."