No sooner has Katie Price stepped into the Celebrity Big Brother house with a whoosh of a fairy dress, an evil scowl to potential rival housemates and a couple of double page splashes in the weekend tabloids, there are rumours that the former glamour girl is about to quit.

Katie Price
Katie Price enters the Celebrity Big Brother house as a fairy: but will she stay golden?

Reportedly suffering from pain resulting from complicated breast reduction surgery that went awry shortly before she went into the house, there have been fears that the 'Pricey' might be the fourth housemate to walk.

However, friends close to the mum-of-five have leaped to her defence and explained that there's no way she would have entered if she wasn't prepared to see it through.

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A close source told the MailOnline: "It's a completely false and ridiculous thing to say. Katie has never said she plans to leave the house early. It's just not something that she'd do."

Katie was drafted in to make up the numbers after a series of incidents saw Celeb BB down by three.

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Firstly Jeremy Jackson was booted from the house after inappropriately pulling Chloe Goodman's dressing gown open and then Ken Morley was shown the door after racist comments.

Alexander O'Neal opted to quit after a vicious row with Perez Hilton who may want to think about staying in there as long as possible having gained the title of the Most Hated Man in Britain since his arrival.