Katie Price is no stranger to surgery but this time it wasn’t her boobs that got a little lift, it was her face. However, many fans and viewers of Loose Women - where she sits as a panellist - have been shocked by the results.

Katie PriceKatie Price has had her first facelift

The 39-year-old mum-of-five appeared on the latest episode of the show and showed off her procedure - supposed to make her look younger - but instead looked slightly puffy and revealed her son, Junior wasn’t a fan of her new look.

The former glamour explained she underwent a pioneering new procedure called a "Silhouette Face Lift" that uses permanent surgical threads that remain in the skin tissue.

She will also be able to have her face retightened every year for up to five years to reinvigorate her skin.

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She said: "This is what Junior said: 'Mum you are so beautiful. Why did you have to have it done?’

"I was like: 'I haven't had that much done, Junior.'"

"And he said: 'Mum, your eyebrows are fake, you've got fake eyelashes on, you've had your lips done, you've had your nose done, and your teeth. And now you've put these things in your face - why?'

 "And I didn't have a comeback. 'Cos he's actually right."

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Her face lift sparked an uproar on Twitter, with one person commenting: "Katie needs to stop having work done on her face - it making her look older not younger!!!"

Another added: "Omg what’s Katie Price done to her face and those lips she looks like a duck billed platypus."

A third said: "What has Katie Price done to her face?"

Excited to share her new face with her fans, Katie posted a short Twitter clip with the words: "So excited to share the results of my first ever facelift! Thanks @LBPSPlasticsurg for looking after me. So pleased."

However, this also garnered a negative response from her 2.14m followers.

One advised her: "You're not preventing aging, that's impossible, you're just fighting a losing battle against the aging process. It will win every time."