Katie Price is "saddened" by Peter Andre's claims that she begged him for a reconciliation.

The former couple divorced in 2009 and while Peter said in a recent interview with heat magazine they have a strained relationship because he refused to get back together with her, Katie claims they were simply having a light-hearted conversation about what life would have been like if they hadn't split.

Katie - who raises Harvey, nine, Junior, six, and Princess Tiaamii, four, with Peter - wrote on her blog:

"Peter's Heat interview was so full of spite that it is saddening. Was I devastated when Pete left me? Yes. Did I react badly to it. Yes. Am I over this - yes and I have been for some time. I don't want to be with him and I know he does not want to be with me.

"After we met to settle a legal dispute Pete and I talked and joked, in front of others, about getting together and going on holiday to Dubai at New Year. It is true that for a while after this we were getting on better and that (like many couples who have a history) there were discussions about what may have been and what might be if we got back together. These conversations were, I thought, just between us where we both knew that the comments were light hearted 'what ifs' and not serious. I had no idea that they would be used Against Me like this.

"Of course I sometimes think we should still be together for the sake of the Children, but I know that cannot and will not be the case. Nor is that what I want - I am not sure how many times I have to say it. (sic)"

While Katie, 33, says she will always be grateful for her marriage to Peter because it gave her their two children Junior and Princess Tiaamii, but she is adamant she has no desire to reconcile with him.

Katie - who has married and split from former cage fighter Alex Reid since her divorce from Peter - said: "I have an awful lot of respect for what my marriage was and it gave me two amazing Children. I don't want to be drawn into tit for tat comments as I have done previously to my regret. I wish Peter all the success in the world with his career and his personal life - I am sure he does not need to reference me in every interview he gives and I still hope that he joins me in trying to remove the children from the public domain. This hope and the hope that we can one day be friends for the sake of the children are however the only hopes I have with respect to a relationship with Pete. (sic)"