Katie Price is a ''broken woman'' because of her husband's affair with Jane Pountney.

The 35-year-old star - who is six months pregnant with Kieran Hayler's second child - revealed earlier this month that the builder and part-time stripper had been having a ''full-blown sexual affair'' with her best friend behind her back, and now her good pal Emma B has revealed Katie has been left utterly devastated.

She explained to Now magazine: ''She's a really strong person and she doesn't show her emotions very often but this is the first time I've ever seen her cry. Kate's a broken woman.

''She's really struggling with it. You've just had a baby with someone you absolutely love the pants off and you're about to have another one together and then he betrays you with your friend. It's disgusting!''

Although Emma used to poke fun of Katie for not showing her real emotions, she admits she's a real ''softie'' at heart and has gone into hiding in order to come to terms with what's happens.

She added: ''I used to take the mickey out of Kate sometimes and call her the ultimate ice queen, but underneath all of that she's a complete softie. It's difficult for people to imagine her as this emotional woman, but she is - she just keeps that part of herself private.

''When she's struggling she'll shut herself away and you won't see her while she deals with it on her own - and that's what she's doing at the moment.''