Katie Price gave one of the shortest ever speeches at Oxford University Union on Wednesday (12th October 2011), lasting just eight minutes before opening up the floor for questions. The 33-year-old admitted she had arrived without "notes or bullet points", reports the UK's Metro newspaper.
After giving a quick fire speech on the media, television and society, the model-turned-television star began taking questions from students. In answer to one rugby player who asked, "Who has been your best lover?", Price replied, "It could be you. You look really fit up there, buff. I bet you're too young for me". Another student asked, "What do you look for in a man?", with Price saying, "If you want to get ten men to stand up here naked, I'll show you". Despite her short speech, Katie joined an illustrious list of individuals to have addressed the union, including the Dalai Lama, Winston Churchill and Stephen Hawking. Price was admittedly nervous after taking to the stage, telling the 1000-strong-crowd, "I'm absolutely petrified, I'm not good with audiences. I don't know what to say.I come across stupid and thick". During her speech, the model claimed, "I believe that if you really want to do something and put your mind to it believe that if you really want to do something and put your mind to it, it's feasible, but you really have to be realistic", adding, "There's no excuse for people to just get pregnant and stay at home".
Reaction to the speech was mixed, with law student Jack MCCann telling the Oxford Times, "I wasn't sure, I think she avoided all the hard questions". Fellow student Izi Peplinski was more complimentary, saying, "She was better than I was expecting, I thought she was very frank".