Glamour model JORDAN has finally detailed the "electric" moment she shared with David Beckham in a nightclub - claiming the soccer superstar tenderly held hands with her.

The blonde beauty - real name KATIE PRICE - caused an uproar when she alluded to a relationship with the then happily married Beckham whilst appearing in hit reality TV show I'm a celebrity...GET ME OUT OF HERE! earlier this year (04).

However, after confirming she didn't have sex with Beckham - who is now alleged to have cheated on his pop star wife VICTORIA with his former personal assistant REBECCA LOOS - Jordan has now fully described the moment she shared with Beckham in a British nightclub, when Victoria and her ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers were promoting their single OUT OF YOU MIND.

She says in her upcoming autobiography, "Dane was DJing and I was standing with the famous couple. Suddenly, I felt someone take my hand and squeeze it gently as if to reassure me that I shouldn't be overawed by all the hype. It was David.

"I looked at him in surprise, and he was looking right back at me. Imagine how you would feel if David Beckham held your hand! Victoria was standing right next to him, so I thought I'd better keep my mouth shut. She is so incredibly possessive that if women so much as say they fancy David, she goes mad.

"I would have given anything for her to disappear at that moment and leave me alone with one of the world's sexiest men. But I guess I'll never really know what David was thinking. Maybe he was showing that he understood what it was like to be caught up in Dane and Victoria's desperate bid to get to number one."

23/04/2004 13:27