As one of the most widely reported splits in recent memory heats up, one half of the TomKat party; Katie Holmes, reportedly has fears for her privacy and safety after being convinced that she is being secretly probed by Scientology private investigators, according to the UK's Sun newspaper.
The alleged stalking is said to have begun a few days before she filed for divorce from her husband of five-years, when two unknown men were spotted by the actress allegedly keeping watch on her at their shared New York home. The actress also believes that the two mystery men follower her and daughter Suri when they moved to another apartment in the Chelsea district of the city. The former Dawson's Creek star allegedly believes that the Church of Scientology is spying on her because it sees her as a threat in the wake of her break-up with Tom Cruise, the belief system's most famous follower.
Katie was quick to catch on and had her own security team record and monitor the alleged spies, before alerting the Nypd. Later on in the day, a patrol car arrived on the scene and an officer questioned the men, saying they had a report about a suspicious vehicle and were about to run a check on the Cadillac's number plate. This is not the first time that Scientology has been accused of harassing and monitoring former members, as a number of former members have reported that they were under surveillance by the organization after they had attempted to split. Even Cruise himself has said in the past that he was monitored during a period when he was distancing himself from the organization.