Katie Holmes says Kate Moss is her style icon.

The 34-year-old actress bases her chic, effortless look on the British supermodel's clothes, as well as model and actress Lauren Hutton and leggy beauty Christy Turlington because they all have ''inspiring'' taste in fashion.

Asked whose personal style she admires, Katie replied: ''I love Kate Moss' style and the way she can transform herself. Lauren Hutton becomes more beautiful as she ages; a large part of that is just who she is and the work she does. It's very inspiring. And Christy Turlington is gorgeous.''

The actress also revealed she keeps fit by working up a sweat with Bikram yoga classes, but stays clear of her fellow gym-goers wearing tight, lycra shorts and thinks the embarrassing look should be banned.

Katie joked: ''I love Bikram yoga. I like the sweat. I feel like it's good for me and good for my skin. I just don't like the guys who wear those little tiny shorts. Why don't they have a sign? It's not OK!''

After a good workout, the former 'Dawson's Creek' star likes to pamper her skin with expensive moisturiser and credits her hydration-intensive skincare routine for her glowing complexion.

She added to ELLE magazine: ''I love moisturiser. I don't stick with the same one because I feel like my skin gets used to it. Its like an exercise thing - you have to switch it up. I also sleep in SK-II masks and try to be a nice person so that I don't get stressed out!''