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Aguilera To Make A Movie With Holmes

CHRISTINA AGUILERA and KATIE HOLMES have signed to star together in a new movie. The pair will team up in family drama Humboldt Park, which will begin shooting in February (08) - just weeks after...

2nd January 2008

Producer Shah Wants Suri Cruise To Voice Polar Bear Animation

TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES' daughter SURI has the potential to become a movie star, according to moviemaker ASH R. SHAH. Shah hopes to use the voice of the 18-month-old in an animated movie version...

2nd January 2008

Keaton: 'Holmes Is The New Hepburn'

KATIE HOLMES is the new AUDREY HEPBURN, according to actress DIANE KEATON. The Annie Hall star will appear alongside Tom Cruise's wife in 2008 movie Mad Money, and she insists 29-year-old Holmes has the grace...

24th December 2007

Holmes Plans Festive Food Marathon

KATIE HOLMES and TOM CRUISE are looking forward to a blow-out Christmas of great food, because the actress and her mum are such gifted cooks. The Cruise and the Holmes families will spend the holidays...

24th December 2007

Holmes: 'Marriage Hasn't Changed Me'

Marriage to Hollywood icon TOM CRUISE hasn't changed KATIE HOLMES - the actress insists she's happier than ever. A year after the couple wed in Italy, Holmes is a content wife and mother to their...

22nd December 2007

Posh Spice 'Secures Best Seats'

Victoria Beckham has reportedly managed to secure the best seats at the Spice Girls world tour concert venues ahead of her fellow band mates.The Sun reports that Posh Spice had asked for a row of...

21st December 2007

Holmes Spends Heavy For Christmas

Actress KATIE HOLMES treated a group of girlfriends to a lavish lunch at the Neiman Marcus store in Beverly Hills last week (15Dec07) before splashing out $100,000 (GBP50,000) on Christmas gifts. The Batman Begins star...

20th December 2007

Katie: Cruise Is A Thriller

Katie Holmes has said that her husband Tom Cruise has introduced her to a whole range of risky adventures.Speaking to Parade magazine about her Christmas Plans, the Batman Begins star said her thrill-seeking spouse had...

20th December 2007

The Things They Say 6593

"The first time I went on a motorcycle was when I met Tom. I had never gone on one before because my father is a lawyer, and he had seen a lot of accidents. With...

20th December 2007

Holmes Upsets Kidman With Mommy Talk

KATIE HOLMES has served up a slap in the face for NICOLE KIDMAN, by revealing the Aussie actress' two adopted kids call her 'Mom'. Just weeks after confessing her kids - Isabella, 16, and Connor,...

19th December 2007

Cruise + Holmes Search For A Winter Retreat In Italy

TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES are looking to join GEORGE CLOONEY as superstar Italian property owners after taking off to the Alps to find a European winter retreat. The couple has been house-hunting in Badia,...

19th December 2007

Fascinating Fact 4539

KATIE HOLMES is a lifelong fan of the Washington Redskins, the American football team owned by her husband TOM CRUISE's pal DANIEL SNYDER.

19th December 2007

Fascinating Fact 4537

BRAD PITT, KATIE HOLMES and CHRISTINA AGUILERA all celebrated their birthdays on Tuesday (18Dec07). The stars turned 44, 29 and 27 respectively.

18th December 2007

The Things They Say 6572

"The smell of my daughter's breath, a fresh-cut lawn, pulling up to a film set for the first time, hugging my husband." KATIE HOLMES lists a few of her favourite things.

18th December 2007

The Things They Say 6569

"(It's a) new chapter. I am a bit wiser now. I feel I really lived my 20s, and I'm happy about that." KATIE HOLMES on turning 30 on Tuesday (18Dec07).

18th December 2007

Holmes Teases Cruise With Mini Skirts

KATIE HOLMES keeps her sex life with husband TOM CRUISE interesting by wearing short skirts to entice the actor. The 28-year-old married the Top Gun star in November 2006 in Italy and insists they still...

13th December 2007

Spice Girls Banned From Giving Away Tickets

VICTORIA BECKHAM's pals KATIE HOLMES and TOM CRUISE will be clamouring for SPICE GIRLS tickets like every other fan - because the group has been banned from giving away free tickets to friends. The girl...

1st December 2007

Baby Cruise Puts Best Foot Forward

Hollywood couple TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES has asked celebrity shoe mogul CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN to design a pair of shoes for their daughter SURI. The fashion designer is custom-making a pair of booties for the...

30th November 2007

Spice Girls Entertain Cruises

Tom Cruise and his family were treated to a special performance from the Spice Girls during a visit to the band's rehearsals.The fab five have all moved to Los Angeles to prepare together for their...

27th November 2007

Tom + Katie Thrill The Spice Girls With A Visit

TOM CRUISE, KATIE HOLMES and their baby daughter SURI gave the SPICE GIRLS a rehearsal surprise at the weekend (24/25Nov07) when they dropped in to say hello. The Cruises, who are close friends with Posh...

26th November 2007

The Things They Say 6100

"The next day, I hit the treadmill. I was like, 'OK, if this woman can do it with everything that she does and, believe me, she works... it really is an inspiration.'" TOM CRUISE is...

8th November 2007

Holmes, Latifah + Keaton Offer Californians Mad Money

KATIE HOLMES, QUEEN LATIFAH and DIANE KEATON are hoping to strike it rich by appearing on a new California Lottery Scratcher ticket - as part of the promotion for their upcoming film MAD MONEY. The...

6th November 2007

Fascinating Fact 4247

KATIE HOLMES competed in the New York Marathon on Sunday (04Nov07) under the pseudonym Katie Smith.

6th November 2007

Proud Family Praise 'Amazing' Holmes

KATIE HOLMES' family have hailed as the actress as "amazing" for taking part in the New York City Marathon. Holmes completed the 26.2 mile (42.1 kilometer) race in five hours, 29 minutes and 58 seconds...

5th November 2007

Low-key Holmes Stuns Runners By Completing New York Marathon

Actress KATIE HOLMES wowed runners at the New York Marathon on Sunday (04Nov07) when she joined them enroute, unannounced. Wearing the number F127, a baseball cap, purple vest and black leggings, the Batman Begins star...

5th November 2007

Low-key Holmes Stuns Runners By Completing New York Marathon

Actress KATIE HOLMES wowed runners at the New York Marathon on Sunday (04Nov07) when she joined them enroute, unannounced. Wearing the number F127, a baseball cap, purple vest and black leggings, the Batman Begins star...

4th November 2007

The Things They Say 6027

"I have a lot of respect for her as an artist, as a woman. She's a very strong, gracious woman. She's very funny, a great comedian." TOM CRUISE on wife KATIE HOLMES' hidden talents.

1st November 2007

Cruise: U.a. Is Like Going To Film School

Running United Artists is "kind of like film school," Tom Cruise has told Entertainment Tonight. In an interview scheduled to air tonight (Thursday), Cruise added that the studio, which he now heads, seems to him...

1st November 2007

Becks: Cruise Not Converting Us

David Beckham has stressed that close friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes haven't tried to convert his family to Scientology.The Los Angeles Galaxy player has said the Hollywood power couple are "amazing people" who are...

31st October 2007

The Things They Say 6003

"I played the TOP GUN guitar theme over HOLLABACK GIRL. TOM CRUISE was giving me the thumbs-up." DJ/producer MARK RONSON on performing at Tom Cruise and KATIE HOLMES' Italian wedding last year (06).

31st October 2007


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