When 31.10.2012

Katie Featherston talks about her paranormal experiences, her Halloween costume and on-set menaces in an interview promoting her upcoming movie 'Paranormal Activity 4'.

'My dog, recently, has started barking at nothing', she explains when being asked if she has ever witnessed any paranormal activity herself. 'It freaks me out so I have to turn on lights and usher him out of the room and distract myself.' She reveals that she is excited about her less than scary Kate Middleton Halloween costume complete with a British accent which she demonstrates. The director of photography on the set may have opted for a scarier outfit having tested out a terrifying mask on one the movie's co-directors when he leapt out at him in one of the haunted houses. 'Rel [Ariel Schulman] just lost his mind, he was screaming, he almost dropped the camera', said Katie. 'It was one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed on a set.'


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