Katie Couric has been a staple at ABC for close to three years now, after landing a lucrative deal, which includes a daytime talk show and an ABC news spot. According to The Hollywood Reporter however, the accomplished journalist is now negotiating her exit from the network. Unnamed sources for THR claim that Couric is in the final stages of securing a deal with online information giant Yahoo!, which seems like a savvy move on Couric’s part, given the rapid rise of online entertainment and news distribution over the past decade.

The current second season of Couric’s ABC show Katie is set to be its last, with executives deciding the fate of the programme in December, following November sweeps. Couric will definitely get to finish the current season. The provisions of the Couric’s original contract with ABC included two years of Katie and three years at ABC News, but she will most likely be making an early exit. It is unclear what kind of settlement payment (if any) she will walk away with in this case, as the amount of the original contract is also unknown, although according to THR, it is somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million.

After a tense rivalry with NBC, Couric’s original network, in 2012 ABC won the host and included her in various segments throughout the network, however her presence has been used sparingly in recent months, prompting early speculation that she may be leaving the network,

Katie Couric, Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project
Couric is reportedly leaving her ABC spot to take on a contract with online news giant Yahoo!