This time of year must be starting to feel a little like Groundhog Day for Kathy Griffin. Every year that she appears on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special, with her pal Anderson Cooper, she does something controversial, winds up half of America in the process, then refuses to apologize for it. CNN are no fools, of course. They know that Kathy’s going to do something vaguely outrageous if there’s a camera rolling in the near vicinity and they know that she’ll divide opinion; that’s what gets the ratings in. This year (just in case you missed the news), Kathy chose to attempt to shove her head into Anderson’s crotch to kiss his ‘crown jewels.’

Appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman, Griffin said “my mother was livid, my mom was livid again. People are tweeting things like ‘I didn’t even watch the show but now I have to explain to my children what you did.’” Unaplogetic, then, as ever.

This latest Griffin-related media storm, however, hasn’t put the Bravo channel off of their decision to allow Kathy her own live talk show. In fact, they’re probably glad of the attention that her appearance on CNN has generated in the comedian. Kathy will air on Bravo on January 10, at 10pm EST.