Comedienne Kathy Griffin turned to pal Joan Rivers for help in securing an emergency doctor's appointment after contracting a urinary tract infection while on tour.

The flame-haired funnywoman was miles away from her gynaecologist and in desperate need of medication to treat the uncomfortable condition, so she phoned Rivers to see if she could call in a favour with one of her own specialists in New York.

Sharing the humorous anecdote with The Hollywood Reporter as part of a birthday tribute to Rivers, who turned 80 last week (08Jun13), Griffin says, "Me in 2007: 'Joan, it's Kathy. I'm in New York on tour for a few days, and I have to ask you something really sensitive and embarrassing. I'm just going to come out with it. I started sleeping with this new guy. We've been going at it pretty hard. Anyway, the bottom line is, um, I know I'm 46 and I shouldn't be a s**t anymore and everything, but I'm really hurting, and this is your town, and I know you know every doctor in it, so, um, I need to know if you can send me to a doctor within two hours regarding a very painful urinary tract infection'.

"(I said), 'I just want to tell you again, I'm very embarrassed about this, I apologise, and I can't even imagine what you must think of me at 46 years old having a UTI from banging some guy four times in one night'. Joan to me: 'Are you kidding? I think it's fabulous'. Happy Birthday, Joan. You are a true friend!"