Kathy Griffin caused outrage during CNN's Live New Year's Eve coverage on Monday (January 31, 2012), attempting to simulate oral sex on her openly gay friend Anderson Cooper. Griffin, who swore during her 2009 broadcast, referred to Cooper's genitalia early in the show, before later getting down on her knees.

According to the New York Daily News, Cooper told Griffin about Twitter suggestions that the two play a drinking game whenever he giggled at one of Griffin's jokes. The comedienne said, "I'm going to tickle your sack. You can say sack [on air] That's not bad." Cooper stammered, "I don't know what you're talking about. I have no sack of gifts here. A sack of Christmas presents. I did not bring a sack of Christmas presents," though Griffin replied, "Do you call your private parts your Christmas presents. Typical hot guy."

The exchange led to the eventual 'incident' just after midnight, when Anderson handed over to reporter Gary Tuchman in Eastport, Maine, where it is tradition to kiss a sculpture of a sardine that drops from the top of a building. However, when the camera cut back to Cooper and Griffin, the comedienne was trying to get at his crotch. "Did you drop something," he asked. "No, I was kissing your sardine. I can do this all night long," she replied.

As 2013 began, Griffin continued her tug of war with Cooper, "You know you want to," she said. "Believe me, I really don't," he answered.