Kathy Griffin has had her chat show, Kathy, taken from the air by the Bravo network amidst poor viewing figures after the comic announced the information during her stand up show in Cincinnati last night (April 7). The comedienne later confirmed the news during a Twitter conversation with Perez Hilton, although the end of her show will not be signalling the end of her tenure with Bravo.

Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin wont be bringing back her show for another series

Kathy's announcement that the late night series would not be returning for a third series was met with rounds of boos from the audience at her stand up gig, who also quipped about the continuing drop in quality output from the station, a Cincinnati Inquisitor review for the show read. Future programming from the channel will however feature a series of one off shows from the comedienne that will differ from her chat-based format of her last show, continuing a relationship between employer and employee that has lasted since Kathy's double Emmy reality series Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List was first aired. Her first series with the network was taken from the air in 2010.

Kathy's firm declaration may seem enough, but no-one from the network has made any official comment in regard to Kathy's public outburst so it is still unknown what Bravo's feelings are on her actions.