2012 may not even be over yet, but that hasn't stop every man and his dog from talking about the Oscars and who will win what. Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow's latest Middle Eastern war effort is currently a name on everyone's lips, but will it win big at the 2013 ceremony in February.

Prior to Zero Dark Thirty's release, Argo and Lincoln were pretty much the only names on offer when it came to talking the Oscars, but over the course of a month the winds sure have changed. Not only has ZDT emerged as a top contender, it has also had some of it's chances dashed as certain scenes in the film have been criticised by politicians and the public alike. Some of the 'interrogation' scenes in particular have cause quite a stir indeed, and may very well end up ending Bigelow's Oscar hopes before they have even begun.

Of course, the Oscars never is a three-horse race, and if Golden Globe nominations are anything to go by then Quentin Tarantino may very well be odds-on to take away all the Oscar glory with Django Unchained. That said, we mustn't discount some of the indie numbers that always cause a stir, such as the Cannes darling The Master, Moonrise Kingdom, Beats of the Southern Wild and Silver Linings Playbook, which looks to have the Best Actress Award already scooped up for Jennifer Lawrence. As is so often the case, the Oscars couldn't be closer and it really is anyones guess as to who will walk away as victor come February.

Currently leading the odds for Best Picture winner stand as:

Lincoln 6/4

Les Miserables 9/4

Zero Dark Thirty 4/1

Argo 6/1