Lachlan MacAldonich is an ex Britpop musician whose glory days are well and truly over. He moved to Los Angeles from Scotland twelve years ago and settled comfortably into a lifestyle of farming, market selling and music podcasting on a small scale. Although he adores the country that he is living in, his life in general can sometimes prove too much (or too little) forcing him to drink his problems away at various city bars. After a particularly heavy booze fuelled night, Lachlan is pulled over by the cops and arrested for driving under the influence as he tries to get home. His arrest throws into light previous drug charges that ultimately put his future in the balance as he is threatened with deportation back to the UK. The only way he can remain in the country is if he can prove that his leaving would cause emotional hardship to a wife, child or other relative who is of US citizenship and since Lachlan is divorced with one child who he hasn't seen in several years and has one female friend who visits his farmer's market regularly but is very much out of his league, he hardly has a chance. 

'California Solo' is the heart-wrenching story of a forgotten man's quest to bury his past and find a way to lead the life he so wishes to lead. It has been directed and written by Marshall Lewy ('Blue State') and opens in New York on November 30th 2012. 

Starring: Robert Carlyle, Alexia Rasmussen, Kathleen Wilhoite, A Martinez, Michael Des Barres, Danny Masterson 

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