Katherine Jenkins' former fiancé says he is still friends with the classical singer.

'Daybreak' host Gethin Jones admitted that he doesn't know how to handle questions about the failed relationship but insists he still thinks his ex-partner is a nice person.

He told The Mirror: ''I get why people want to know about Katherine and I, it doesn't annoy me but it can be a bit scary.

''The support we had in our relationship, and since then, from people has been amazing, so I never know what the right thing to say is when people ask me about her.

He continued ''I want to respect her privacy and be dignified. I'm not going to say Katherine is a bitch because she isn't and it's not how I feel. Kath and I had a Friendship and still do.''

Gethin addressed the somewhat bizarre move of announcing their split via his twitter page.

He confessed: ''With the twitter thing I didn't know what to do.

''And in these times when everyone wants to know all the details it gave us some element of control I guess but we were both heartbroken.''

The 34-year-old coped with the separation by captaining the Welsh team in Sport Relief's 1,000-mile challenge, sailing, swimming, running and cycling his way round Britain and Ireland.

He revealed: ''I'd had a pretty tough time of it, so I just challenged myself and did Sport Relief. I drove myself into being physically exhausted rather than anything else.''