Katherine Jackson should be in good spirits after she finally regained custody of Michael Jackson's children Paris, Blanket and Prince, sharing the role of guardian with her grandson TJ. However, in a statement reported by Tmz, the matriarch of the Jackson family is apparently far from amused at the shambolic goings on of recent days. As is well known now, there was panic as the 82 year-old seemingly disappeared for 10 days, with a missing persons warrant being issued and the custody of the three children temporarily handed solely to TJ.
However, Katherine turned up fine and well, in a spa in Arizona. She'd merely been away for a holiday to get away from the stress of the on-going arguments surrounding the dividing up of Michael Jackson's estate. But had she intended to? According to her, she was duped into going away. A sworn declaration by Katherine read that she'd initially intended to take a road trip to New Mexico, where her sons were performing a concert. However, on July 14th an unnamed doctor arrived at her house and told her it would be better for her health if she flew. She went through with the request, thinking that the medic was under the instructions of her long time physician; imagine her shock, then, when she arrived in Arizona and not New Mexico.
Her lawyer claimed that Katherine's children sent her to the spa because she had high blood pressure, but when she got there she had all her communication devices taken from her. She didn't even know there was a missing person's warrant out for her, never mind anything about the well-being of her family. She might've regained custody, but there's clear plenty more to be sorted out in the Jackson household.