Katherine Jackson has been reported to be safe and sound with family in Arizona after being reported missing on Saturday.
The mother of pop superstar Michael Jackson and the guardian of his three children, Paris, Michael and Blanket, was reported as a missing person to the police by a family member after she failed to get in touch with many of her close associates. It has now been confirmed that she is with her daughter Rebbie after she was visited by a doctor and told to rest following a family disagreement over the will of her son. The doctor was Dr. Allan Metzger who has previously treated the late popstar and gave evidence at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray (who was jailed for his manslaughter) alleging that Jackson was trying to get a prescription for a strong anaesthetic before he died. The news that Metzger was treating Katherine was not accepted well by Paris Jackson who Tweeted: "the same doctor that testified on behalf of dr murray saying my father was a drug addict (a lie) is caring for my grandmother... just saying". Metzger wasn't Katherine's usual doctor; her regular physician had no knowledge about Metzger treating her.
Paris was desperate on Twitter on Sunday as her guardian had not contacted her of her whereabouts writing, 'yes , my grandmother is missing . i haven't spoken with her in a week i want her home now .' and later adding a contact number just in case any of her followers had any information. "First of all, let's hope that this is all just a big misunderstanding and a totally benign situation", said one of the 82-year-old's lawyers Perry Sanders Jr.