MICHEAL JACKSON's children made a rare public appearance earlier this week, when they attended a ceremony at a Los Angeles children's hospital, where they donated some of their late father's art. According to Sky News, the sketches included a picture of Mickey Mouse, one of Peter Pan, and one of his famous moonwalk. Also in attendance were their grandmother Katherine Jackson, their auntie LaToya Jackson, and their cousins Jermajesty and Jafaar.
People magazine reported that the kids are getting used to their new life. A source told them: "They are pretty happy kids now." The source also revealed that out of the three children, Prince and Paris are the most outgoing and they enjoy going to school: "Prince and Paris are going back to [private school] this year. They love the social aspect of it." However, younger blanket is more introverted. Apparently he ".is still very, very shy. He's still home-schooled." Paris wants to follow her father into show business. She: "really wants to be an actress," says the source. "She loved taking acting classes."